Looking For Autism Resources??

I’m a local Autism and ADHD mom as well as parent mentor with The Children’s Treatment Network. I also have a certificate in Autism from Kerry's Place Autism Services.

My son is now 10 years old. Diagnosed when he was 3.5 as “high functioning / fully verbal” formerly known as Aspergers. He is also ADHD and Tourette’s.

I’ve documented my journey in the following very casual and candid video that you can watch HERE.

I also have another video which dives a lot deeper into what to do after diagnosis. Everything from funding to dealing with schools / IEP process / sensory items / therapy etc.

If you are currently on the fence and exploring the idea of Medication, you can learn more about our journey with Risperidone, Aderrall, Vyvanse HERE.

You’ll also find some other great misc videos on specific topics including:

Using Visuals -  https://youtu.be/T7fiu6IOIew

I maintain a personal google drive of lots of resources and information and templates I have created. You can access this HERE.

Happy to help answer any questions you may have. I’m also happy to connect you with CTN so that you can get a parent mentor assigned to you.


If your family is currently in Crisis or waiting on services and you are in need of some immediate support / places to start that are FREE; here are some ideas:



If you're in Ontario and need mental health services but can't afford to go through a paid psychologist/therapy clinic, then use the following link. It is free service paid for by the government for people (adults and 16+) who need mental health services and help. It provides a customized plan and guidance from a dedicated therapist for up to 12 weeks, no cost to Ontario residents.



If you have a child with any diagnosis, you should have a pediatrician (not just a family doctor). The Newmarket PATH clinic is a great place to start if you're in York Region. Get in to see one asap. A pediatrician is FREE and they will be able to refer you to local supports and services and may even be able to consult with you on some medications to start with, if needed.

3) Kerry's Place Autism Services & Other Local Services Agencies for PARENT EDUCATION

If you are new to diagnosis or suspect a diagnosis is in the works, the best place to start is by educating yourself! Kerry's Place as well as many other local service agencies offer FREE education workshops for parents. Understanding your child's needs is going to be the first step in your journey. You will receive some practical suggestions on things you can start to do at home.

4) COMMUNICATE with your school

Many people take this for granted. Open communication with your school Principal, classroom teacher, core team etc. If you explain your situation, they are often willing to help put even some temporary things in place until you can get some more answers. Building a relationship with your school is sooooo important. A temporary IEP pending a formal diagnosis and psycho education assessment is common.

5) JOIN FREE Parent / PEER support groups & Get a MENTOR

Many service agencies offer FREE support groups for parents and parent mentor programs. I am personally a parent mentor. Joining these groups can give you lots of valuable information and insight into your journey and places to stat. Many groups are now also being offered ONLINE or on evenings and weekends in your community. CTN is a great place to start!

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